Feinstein & Sullivan

Feinstein & Sullivan is a Wyoming-based privately-owned consulting firm that specializes in legally obtaining new identities to enable individuals to provide an enhanced and unique way of shielding assets.

It comprises two legal professionals who decided to join forces to take a unique approach in the field of privacy, and identity protection, and to bring something new to the table when it comes to asset protection. We are NOT asset protection lawyers and we are not interested in getting our own clients in the field of asset protection. We are offering a superior and never seen service to provide a supplemental service to law firms and their clientele all over the world.


Requires a new generation of methods to protect your assets

While these days, asset protection laws in many states and countries are airtight; in the world of leaks; a legally obtained new identity is an essential tool as your next generational ultimate layer of asset protection. Let the professionals at Feinstein & Sullivan create your client’s new identity today!

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Want to know how else Feinstein & Sullivan can help you and what can be the use cases of having a new identity that may come helpful later for your clients? Please visit our “Use Cases” page for more details.

Perhaps, would you like to become our affiliate and gain supplemental income and be able to offer a superior service to your clients? Visit our affiliates page to learn more about how our firm can help you.

We understand that choosing the right partner to work with may not be easy but rest assured that our firm will always be by your side with the highest level of confidentiality.

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Contact Feinstein & Sullivan today, to take the first step in your complete transformation and the utilization of the ultimate layer in asset protection!