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Become our Affiliate
  • We are constantly seeking affiliates to help add value to the services you provide to your clientele, to provide a supplemental and superior service, and to expand your operation with a generous commission system provided by Feinstein & Sullivan. The more business your firm refers to us per year, the higher the commission payouts get. We work with affiliates worldwide!

  • Within our network is a global array of international consultants, lawyers, and experts with decades of experience that we utilize based on the jurisdictions we work in. Everyone in our network knows how to produce results, and that is how everyone at Feinstein & Sullivan is evaluated.

We work in 2 different ways with affiliates
  • Legal professionals who have their own clients offer our service as a supplemental benefit under their umbrella. We are sub-contracted to execute this particular segment of work and communication is kept strictly between us and your firm. We do not contact your client under any circumstances. Payment for our services can be made by either your firm (preferred) or by your client. We work with most of our affiliates this way.
1. White-label service
affiliates 1
  • Legal professionals who have their own clients, notify them about a supplemental benefit of our enhanced asset protection service and make the introduction to us by filling out the contact form themselves. Once the connection has been made, we will have the firm on record as the affiliate and get in touch with your client directly. After your client pays our fee, we facilitate the commission payment to your firm according to the executed affiliate agreement.
2. Private-label service
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Our conditions for our affiliates:
  • Your company must be registered and in good standing within your jurisdiction
  • Additional licensing requirements (e.g. law firms) must be met and be in good standing within your jurisdiction
  • No major derogatory information on your company
  • Your entity must not be located in any of the sanctioned jurisdictions by the US Government
  • Must provide an executed W-9 / W-8 tax form to ensure compliance with commission payments as per IRS guidelines
  • Duly executed affiliate agreement
All of the above-mentioned conditions will be checked before the execution of the affiliate agreement.

Contact us today to provide your clients with something unique that protects their privacy in the world of asset protection and make generous commissions through your referrals!