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We are delighted to hear that you decided to take the next step to start your transformation with our firm. A new identity certainly opens doors for you that were closed before, but certain powers come with additional responsibilities, especially when it comes to safeguarding it. Our experts will be with you and you will have all the tools at your disposal to help throughout this very uncommon and unique process. Remember to give 100% truthful answers to our non-personal questions. It is extremely important because that is how we can effectively help you. The price is the same flat rate in every case.
Please note that to keep matters to the highest level of confidentiality and to minimize any leaks, we are not handling client intake under your personal names. For your protection, upon initial contact, you will be issued a randomized ID number that will be used throughout the entire interaction. You MUST remember this ID number as this will be our only way to identify you. This form should take no more than 5-10 minutes, just ensure that you input the correct information throughout.