The cost of an initial case review is a flat rate of $15,000 per person OR $25,000 per family (regardless of the number of children).

initial price imag
Exceptions to this pricing are:
  • People with any criminal history: Add $12,500
  • An official check with the INTERPOL database carries an additional charge of $3,250 (optional).
  • PEP (Politically Exposed Person) + People with direct ties to PEP: A custom price will be quoted.

Payments can be made with the following methods:

money order
Money Order

(Deposit to our corporate bank account)


(Preferred, instant deposit to our corporate bank account)

ach transfer
ACH transfer

(Deposit to our corporate bank account)

wire transfer
Wire transfer

(Please add $100 admin fee)

debit card
Debit Card

(Please add 6.8% admin fee)

credit card
Credit Card

(Please add 6.8% admin fee)


(Please add 6.8% admin fee)

IMPORTANT: Please note that once payment was made, it is NON-REFUNDABLE!
What do you get with the initial review:
  • A direct chat line on Signal (recommended) or WhatsApp with Feinstein & Sullivan for your post-order queries, about your plans, and UNLIMITED correspondence.
  • A complete US background check in the USA (or whichever country you are based in / national of) is carried out by our affiliate Wyoming-based detective agency to review your complete history.
  • At least 2 different versions of personally handcrafted plans by Feinstein & Sullivan with an explanation of project execution, estimated total costs, and the timeline for completion for your new identity.
  • Your choice of a 30-minute consultation with either an International Tax Attorney or a high-profile US-based CPA (or CPA in your country) AFTER the plan is ready for your review.
  • Your choice of a 30-minute consultation with either an Estate & Trust Lawyer* or Corporate Attorney (both very fluent in asset protection laws) AFTER the plan is ready for your review. If you already have your own lawyer then we highly recommend that you stay with your current lawyer and ask questions.
  • Once you received your custom-tailored plans and decide that you wish to proceed with the execution of the project based on our estimates, you will have the ability to either proceed with the identity plan on your own (DIY – Do It Yourself) or you can retain Feinstein & Sullivan and utilize our expanded network of legal professionals who are going to help you execute your identity plan until you obtain your second identity.
Want to know if the INTERPOL has anything on file about you? We can get this information for you for a surcharge of an additional $3,250.
  • It is extremely important that you provide 100% accurate details about your past to us so that we can reasonably evaluate your chances of approval. We promise that we don’t send you an invoice to pay if we determine that there is no reasonable chance for you to get approved for a new identity. Although we do everything within our power to ensure that we only send you an invoice if we see a reasonable chance for approval; please note that this alone does NOT guarantee that obtaining a new identity for you will be successful, since every case is determined individually by the respective jurisdictions and governmental bodies that work together with law enforcement agencies across the globe and conduct their own risk analysis.