Retaining the services of Feinstein & Sullivan comes with a global network of one of the highest-skilled individuals in their respective fields. When you pay our firm to execute the work, we will immediately provide you access to individuals who are highly informed about various topics you may need to be up-to-date about.

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By choosing
Feinstein & Sullivan,

your client will be provided with unparalleled resources, such as a licensed private investigator agency (USA), a high-profile CPA (USA), an international tax attorney (EU-based, operating globally), a world-renowned offshore financial expert investigator (USA-based, operating globally), and an expansive network of globally recognized privacy consultants at your clients’ fingertips that can answer the most complex questions. All this, without us revealing your clients’ true identity, to create a fully custom-tailored plan for your clients and their assets.

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Feinstein & Sullivan has established a global network of lawyers in over 117 countries (currently expanding) to ensure that your client is covered regardless of where they are based. Utilizing our network for project execution is another reason why we are able to streamline processes much easier. Everyone in our network knows how to produce results, and that is how everyone at Feinstein & Sullivan is evaluated. We understand that choosing the right partner to work with may not be easy but rest assured that our firm will always be by your side with the highest level of confidentiality
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