You may wonder how a new identity can be used and for what legitimate purposes. After all, having a completely new identity is something that most people have never dealt with before. On this page, we would like to provide a few examples of use cases for a new identity to explain the potential of what you may unlock.

Global Banking: Have you ever had issues when conducting banking previously? Are you blacklisted by a financial institution and/or have a difficult time securing bank account? At Feinstein & Sullivan, we create various plans that can substantially raise your chances of being accepted at financial institutions that previously blacklisted or refused to open accounts for you.


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Asset Protection: The days of offshore companies, and shell corporations are definitely not a thing of the past. Holding companies all over the world play an important role in hiding assets from the public eye and are being used for legitimate purposes by individuals and various conglomerates that do not wish to be known about their net worth or the assets they hold. However, leaks, scandals, and data breaches are also the modern-day reality. Nominee directors, and shareholders overseas may not protect you as much as they used to. If you are an HNWI (High Net Worth Individual), then you can have a powerful upper hand by knowing that your original identity will not be revealed even if every other layer of privacy method has ultimately failed. This is the reason why our firm was created, this is what our firm does well to ensure that your clients’ interests are protected with the utmost diligence, care, and privacy.


International Business: Nowadays, it is important to conduct business internationally. People from many nations (including Americans) are not welcome to open bank accounts in many foreign countries, they may also require work visas and additional restrictions can be imposed that could make working overseas a hassle. We work with international experts to figure out the next step in securing your goal to conduct business on a global scale and with the least amount of hassle possible.

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Personal anonymity: In a world of search engines, the second you make a hotel reservation, book a table for dinner, buy tickets for an event, or purchase a plane ticket, people who have access to them can simply search for your name and in case you are a known person, you can instantly be a target or at least be subject to invasion of your privacy. By utilizing our services, you can become the John Doe whenever it best suits your interests.